There is an exciting and innovative development in the offing in the field of wireless technology. It is termed Li-Fi, and is barely two years away from now. It is supposed to be faster than the conventional Wi-Fi, by as much as 100 times. So what is Li-Fi?

The Wonder That is Li-Fi

This tremendous boost in speed is derived from an altogether different and unexpected source: an LED bulb. This process does away with Wi-Fi radio aerials that beam data to your PC. These computer-controlled LED bulbs controlled by special computers flicker overhead, streaming signals in a high speed Morse code, in an amazing twist to Internet/Technology.

To access this novel technology, all you have to do to receive these signals is just plug a special dongle into your PC that perceives minute deviations in light from the bulb. This is particularly useful in those areas where the usual Wi-Fi is ineffective. This might seem like Sci-Fi, but Li-Fi is undergoing intensive tests in many offices, and as such could be a reality in homes in about three years.

Advantages of Li-Fi

The one key advantage of Li-Fi is that it is very easy to control which is not the case with Wi-Fi. Because of this, business networks that are extremely confidential in nature could be made secure from attacks by hackers. Another advantage that makes it very convenient is that it needs very little hardware, as it can function by using conventional LED bulbs, controlled by a tiny microchip to create the unique “flicker” that supplies all data. This makes the whole thing inexpensive, and can be a highly affordable alternative to billions of people around the world.

To achieve this end, several companies are engaged in research in this field, and are confident that the awesome Li-Fi could be a reality in a matter of years.