It was with the invention of radio by Marconi in the 19th century that the field of wireless communication came into being. And over the years, this groundbreaking technology was developed further until it has become what it is today, by far the most significant means of diffusion of information between devices. This type of communication does away with all kinds of wires or cables, but uses electromagnetic waves such as RF, IR, and satellite.

Nowadays, the term wireless communication technology has come to mean various wireless communication gadgets and technologies that include smart phones, tabs, computers, laptops, and the highly useful Bluetooth Technology. Under the circumstances it is our endeavour to bring the latest innovations in what has become an indispensable field, to the people of today, as also take a glimpse into the innovations of the future.

At present, the system of wireless communications has turned has become a vital part of diverse kinds of devices, that let users around the world communicate from even remote areas. These devices include cordless phones, cell phones, GPS, Zigbee wireless technology, Wi-Fi, and satellite television. The popular wireless phones that are in general use these days are 3G and 4G networks, using Wi-Fi technologies and Bluetooth.

Wireless communication has wide applications such as security systems, remote control, TVs, Cell phones, WiMax, Wi-Fi, RFID, power transfer, Femtocell, and devices that are connected to computer interface. In fact, all such networks use the most crucial technologies available today in the field of wireless communications.